Pains and fears:
how to understand tourist motivation
14:00 CET
Sat, March 21
Free / $200
Alex Permyakov
Head of digital
in Travelabs
About the Online Event
To successfully create and sell products and services, you need to "identify your customers pains". But where to look for? How can you find the pain, if nothing really hurts? Why customers fears are more important than the product features?

This topic is especially important for tourism businesses. Tourists travel for pleasures and experiences, and for tourism businesses it is hard to understand the depth of their customers motivation. However, if you look closer, you will find a lot of new information about how tourists buy your services.

On this webinar, we will consider customer motivation in tourism, from pleasure-seeking to problem-avoiding, to understand how tourists make the purchasing decisions - from multi-day tours to buying souvenirs.
This webinar is made for:
Tourism entrepreneurs
If you run a business, big or small, that deals with private or corporate customers.
Product managers
If your work is to create travel products: tours, excursions, accommodation, transportation
Sales executives
If you sell products or services and need to understand your customer motivation
About the speaker
Alex Permyakov
Head of Digital in Travelabs
Alex has been an entrepreneur in tourism for 15 years, working worldwide with adventure tours and luxury customers. He is also involved in technology startups and business methodology. A particular topic he has been studying is tourism and customer motivation, and throughout the years he has developed a system that helps entrepreneurs to clarify customers needs. He is going to share his experience and ideas with fellow entrepreneurs, product managers and sales people.
What you will learn:
What motivates your customers to buy?
Tourism business is focused on pleasures and experiences. However, giants like know what exactly drives the customer to buy. Let's learn something from their marketing toolbox.
Why pains and fears are your main allies and enemies?
To make a buying decision, tourists make a lot of research because they want to make a good choice. How do they understand which choice is good? Let's consider not only what they want, but also what they afraid of, and how we can use this knowledge in our business.
How to create customer motivation map for your product?
We have created a customer motivation map that we will share with webinar participants, so you will be able to map your customer and better understand their needs.
Talk to the expert
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March 21, 14:00 CET
Time zones: 9am in New York, 2pm in Berlin, 5pm in Dubai, 8pm in Bangkok
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