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Travelabs Online Events is a series of online workshops, discussions and webinars for tourism professionals. We aim to help you to find opportunities and prepare your business for a new growth during challenging times.
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April 7, 2020
Hotel Partnerships: A Framework to Unlock New Commercial Growth
with James Lemon, The Growth Works
The hospitality industry is undertaking unprecedented levels of crisis management in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Sadly, for many it will be about managing the worst outcomes. Once these are in place, priority will be looking ahead and watching for the recovery and putting the hotel in the best possible place to bounce back fast, as our industry usually does.
April 9, 2020
"Bring-your-own-device" digital platforms for travel providers
with Miquel Ros, Empordex
Let's talk about digital platforms for travel providers, particularly in what concerns "bring-your-own-device" (BOYD) systems that allow passengers on airplanes, trains, ships, buses and airports access to content packages as well as to e-commerce functions and useful information
Past events
Travelabs Online Workshop
April 2, 2020
Online workshop
with Chris Torres, Director @ Tourism Marketing Agency
On April 2 we will talk with Criss Torres, tourism marketing specialist with 26 years of experience, the author of Lookers Into Bookers and the Director at Tourism Marketing Agency. The topic is Coronavirus Marketing Battle Plan: how you can market your business during the coronavirus crisis and how to plan for the next 18 months. Join us online!
Thursday, April 2
Travelabs Online Workshop
March 31, 2020
Online workshop
with Noemie Turcotte, former Director of Marketing at Stay22
How to approach the coronavirus crisis in your startup - checklist on the things any CEOs, exec teams and managers should do:
Ā«uilding an action plan: specific initiatives, what about the core business/product.
Finances: forecasts and scenarios, creatives solutions to pull cashes from all sources.
Rallying your (remote) teams.
Communicating to stakeholders: what, whom and how.
Tuesday, March 31
Travelabs Online Workshop
March 23, 2020
Online workshop
with Alex Permyakov, Head of Digital @ Travelabs
Tourism industry is highly sensitive to customers' behavior. While tourists travel for pleasure and experiences, there's another very important part of their motivation - trying to avoid problems and find better solutions. On this online workshop we will dig deeper into hidden motivation of tourists, so you will have better understanding of what's driving the behavior of your potential clients.
Monday, March 23
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