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Valentin Dombrovsky
Chief Alchemist
Travelabs was started by Valentin Dombrovsky who has solid track record in online travel industry.

Valentin started working in online travel industry in 2011 when he began working on event travel startup Travelatus. The company was launched in May 2013 and sold to global tours and activities marketplace Excursiopedia in December 2013. Valentin stayed with Excursiopedia till September 2015 first being VP Innovations and then Head of Market Relations.

During his work in travel industry Valentin also cofounded Travel Startups (Russian) and Travel Startups Intl. communities. He is Moscow ambassador to SeedstarsWorld and mentor to YESFintech accelerator. He likes to write and to talk about online travel from time to time.

Core team
Professionals who are passionate
about tech and travel
Valentin Dombrovsky
Chief Alchemist
Founder of Travelabs, knows everything about business development, IT startups, entering new markets and outsource software development
Alex Permyakov
Event producer and web tech
Everything about Travelabs projects web technologies
Andre Fernandes
Market research
Andre follows everything about travel tech market trends and puts it together in our monthly newsletter
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Valentin Dombrovsky
Chief Alchemist